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What have Smiley Tunes got to SING about?


The Alley Cats ESCAPE Choir - THE LAUNCH : Helen Elliott

Wednesday 24th April, 2019, marked the launch of The Alley Cats ESCAPE Choir. The lead up to the launch was both exciting and terrifying.  I have always loved singing and I get so much joy from it that I really wanted the launch to be a success and for others to feel a similar joy when singing.

The anticipation was huge - I had no idea how many people would arrive, I didn't know if anyone had seen my posters around the village or spotted my posts on social media.  A handful of people had contacted me and signed up but total numbers and interest was unknown.  

The lovely people of Lymm started to arrive and they didn't let me down. When our first Alley Cats session started there were 31 singers in front of me - I was totally overwhelmed.  31 wonderful faces smiling back at me and singing.  

We started with a fun warmup to prepare our voices and bodies for singing, then we learned a simple round about 'Gin and Tonic'!  With a little movement we moved to the Congo to sing a Congolese folksong about bananas 'Banaha'. Soon it was time for a break and a chat; with this being our launch I treated the singers to cake as well as the usual biscuits and a brew.  After our break we ended our rehearsal with the popular song 'Ain't no Mountain high enough' the 1960s hit by Martin Gaye.

What an amazing first ever Smiley Tunes choir event - I am so excited to see who will join us and what fabulous moments we will experience and create together.


Charlie and I on our travels :June 2019 : Helen Elliott

It's been a very exciting week for Charlie the Cheshire Cat (The Cheshire Cats Children's Choir Mascot) and I.  We have been travelling around Lymm and visiting the local primary schools.  Both Ravenbank Primary School and Cherry Tree Primary School welcomed us into their assemblies and allowed us to sing with their fabulous children to promote our NEW Choir.  Next week we will be singing with the children of Statham Primary School and hopefully the children of Oughtrington very soon.  

This is a very exciting time for 'Smiley Tunes', as the spaces for The Cheshire Cats Children's Choir as beginning to fill.