Welcome to Smiley Tunes

Sing with a choir, in Lymm, run by Smiley Tunes and you will feel uplifted, learn new skills, make friends and of course... SMILE.

Smiley Tunes wants everyone to feel the joy and health benefits that singing can provide.

Please give us a try. 


The face behind Smiley Tunes - Helen Elliott

I have always had a passion for singing. Singing is a vital part of my life and if I didn't sing I wouldn't be me! I have sung since a very young age both in choirs and as a soloist.

Significantly, I sang at a Papel Audience at St. Peters in Rome with Cecelia Choir, Lancaster and I have travelled to some fabulous places to sing with Sine Nomine International Touring Choir and BMS Singers.

As an assistant head, classroom teacher and music coordinator I have trained and conducted many children in various choirs.   

More recently I have had the pleasure of  supporting Lymm's Big Sing Choir, by delivering the warm ups and leading the sopranos. 

I am currently Musical Director of The Alley Cats Escape Choir and The Cheshire Cats Children's Choir.

People have said that my enthusiasm and passion is infectious, 

I do hope so!


The Dream

I have always felt so much joy when singing whether that was in the shower, in the classroom, with friends or complete strangers.  I find it amazing how something so simple can make you feel so good.  

I want others to have and share that feeling.  It is said that singing is medicine for the soul and I truly believes that.

Through singing, Smiley Tunes intends to promote well-being and raise self esteem.

Singing is for Everyone

Put a smile on your face and joy in your heart when you sing with friends at one of the Smiley Tunes Choirs.